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No Medical Insurance

If you choose to see Dr Hocking in his Private Consulting Rooms, you will only be offered surgical treatment in a Private Hospital.

If you don’t have Private Health Insurance you may still have the procedure performed at a Private Hospital however you will be responsible for the Private Hospital expenses.

Most people choose to “self-insure” or self-fund, especially if their condition is very uncomfortable and they have saved money by not paying health insurance premiums. It is often a good investment for you as you can have the surgery you need straight away and you can get back to your normal life more quickly.

We will help you obtain an accurate written estimate of all the charges of a private hospital procedure before you go ahead with surgery at a private hospital. You will receive a portion of your medical fees back through Medicare (although not all). The costs of the procedure are not as high as you might think, especially for day surgery procedures such as knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstructions.

Procedures scheduled at Private Hospitals are usually performed within a month of booking the surgery. If your medical condition is covered by either Workers Compensation or Third Party Insurance, there are no out of pocket expenses when being treated at a Private Hospital. If you have Private Health Insurance, most insurers cover private hospital expenses (sometimes an “excess” is due depending on the terms of your policy), however there may still be some out of pocket or “Gap” medical expenses, depending on which Health Insurance company you are insured with.